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Operating in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin Areas

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Umpire School Application Here 

Big Jon
 Are you interested in additional income?  Are you a sports-minded person? Become a certified Umpire with 1Ten Sports!  

Register now and be qualified to GET PAID  to be a part of the excitement of local youth sports and make a difference in your income. We have an umpire friendly environment  (PARENTS AND COACHES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO YELL/SCREAM AT THE UMPS) Once you finish school the work is fun-filled and financially rewarding!

If you are a reliable and responsible individual and enjoy sports, we employ baseball and softball umpires for weekend duty.  We cover baseball and softball ages 8 through 18. Our umps make between $400 and $800 per weekend! 

Join us to put your passion to work! Males and Females applicants welcomed. 

Classes start online by zoom, and then move to a physical location.    If you can use the steady or extra income, sign up by downloading the application (see blue letter above) and  emailing onetensports@aol.com and reserve a spot in either class or ask any questions that you like. There is no charge for the training.  

Everyone who completes our training course will be on their way to making from $1600-$2800 per month! You work only on weekends!  And any weekend you can't work is acceptable.

At 1Ten Sports we have a reputation for providing high quality, professional individuals to umpire baseball and softball games in the local community.  Our trainings fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today and take advantage of this opportunity


images 2Join our team today and make a difference for you and your family!

Thank you for participating and taking steps to make a financial difference for yourself.